Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to our world!

Our crazy household is always busy with something going on. Never a dull moment - or at least that is what everyone says.

our day goes something like this .... Up for school by 5:30 am and trying to get out the door by 6:30 to catch the bus by 6:40 am. (I am a mom who believes in natural consequences, so there are days that my children get into the car to go to the bus with no shoes and socks, not having their hair combed, no jackets and whatever else they couldn't seem to find time to do) they are usually getting ready in the car on the way to the bus. They seem to find time for EVERYTHING else in the morning but what needs to be done. So being the Mom that I am I figure if the kids make fun of them a bit they will find time for what needs to be done. Well geuss what it worked - they have had to do this on more than one occassion but it is getting much better in the morning as they no longer get in the car looking like little orphan Annie. They make sure that the important things are done first! I in turn get to save my vocal cords from having to shout the same orders over and over in the morning. This is just the morning schedule.

I then make my way to work in Hemet. I leave work to go pick them up kids from school at 2:00 and go back to work. (yes with the kids) they sit in my office and work on there homework and complain about being hungry of course. The new office has a kitchen which of course holds food and I have found out that HOMEWORK cannot be done without food! They walk into my office and go straight to the kitchen for there afternoon energy. Then they interupt my work schedule 100 in the next hour for help (no I am not exaggerating either, They will try to find a way for me to give all the answers to them while I am trying to help!) Then when I leave the office we come home and finish up homework time about 2 to 3 more hours!

Then my evening shift starts with impatient shouts about showers and PJ's, making sure they have clean clothes on, brushed there teeth and done all the other things that kids hate to do. Even though we live out in the country my neighbor things I am a crazy women!

Try to fit in afterschool sports and grocery shopping and everything else that needs to be done in a normal life and that is why I don't have a lot of free time!

No, I am not a supermom, but yes Steph my house is usually clean that is only because I am OCD!

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Woo hoo, you're blogging! Don't forget to email everyone your blog address so they know about it. :)